Research & Environment

Our Role

Cornwall IFCA takes effective decisions based upon the best available evidence.

Cornwall IFCA has its own research team who undertake physical survey and research activities and analysis in order to inform the management of the fisheries within the Cornwall IFCA district.

We also work collaboratively with a range of partner organisations conducting joint projects, undertaking commissioned work and providing expertise or physical assets to support research activities in Cornwall.

Cornwall IFCA research officers operate around the coast, hosted on a variety of commercial vessels and form the Authorities research vessel Tiger Lilly.

Marine Protected Areas

Cornwall IFCA has significant responsibilities in monitoring and assessing the health and condition of a range of Marine Protected Areas. In order to ensure that we are effectively managing the balance between the fisheries and the conservation objectives for these sites sound scientific evidence is required. 

Click here to find out more about the Marine Protected Areas in the Cornwall IFCA district. .

Cornwall Sea Fisheries Committee Reports

The following research reports, produced by our predecessor Cornwall Sea Fisheries Committee, are available to download below.

Click here to download the Analysis of 2016 fishing activity returns for the lobster, crawfish and crab fishing permit.  
Click here to see Lobster Tagging Interim Report 2008
Click here to see Annual Research Report 2009 including Lobster Tagging Final Report
Click here to see Cornish Inshore Waters Shellfish Stock Survey 2003-2006
Click here to see CSFC Spider Crab Report 2008
Click here to see Spider Crab Regulatory Impact Assessment 2009

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