Cornwall IFCA has a duty to manage the exploitation of sea fisheries resources in its district . In order to do this it aims to maintain an effective enforcement presence around the coast.

Click here to see details of current investigations as well as sanctions and prosecutions brought by Cornwall IFCA.

Cornwall IFCA has a team of enforcement officers who you may meet while out fishing. Our officers are there to help you to understand the rules and regulations governing fishing and are always happy to have an informal chat to give any advice or information. Our officers will likely want to inspect your gear, or catch to ensure that you are fishing within the rules. Officers undertake shore patrols as well as patrols at sea from the Cornwall IFCA patrol vessels as well as from other agencies vessels. If we approach you, on land or at sea, you can expect our officers to be polite, professional and courteous at all times. Enforcement officers have nationally warranted powers, and will carry their warrant card with them. Officers may wish to;

  • Inspect your fishing gear at sea or on board your vessel
  • Inspect your catch
  • Inspect your vessel or vehicle (to look for fishing gear or fish and shellfish)
  • Inspect commercial premises (to look for gear or fish and shellfish
  • Discuss your fishing activities
  • Listen to you to improve our understanding of the fishing environment or any concerns you may have.

All Cornwall IFCA enforcement officers are committed to adhere to our published code of conduct for inspections.

There may be occasions when our officers may be seen wearing small, body worn cameras to record video and audio during inspections. Click here to see our policy for using cameras during inspections.

If you would like to see more about the byelaws and fishing codes of conduct which Cornwall IFCA manage and enforce please Click here to visit the byelaw section of this website.

You can find out more about our compliance and enforcement work by reading the Cornwall IFCA Compliance and Enforcement Strategy .

Cornwall IFCA focuses its enforcement activities according to an annually reviewed risk based plan. Click here to see the Risk Based Enforcement Plans.

Where Cornwall IFCA suspects that a person or business has committed a serious breach of fisheries legislation, it will conduct a thorough investigation in accordance with the Police and Criminal Evidence Act (PACE) and in considering whether enforcement activities is required it will adhere to the Code for Crown prosecutions.

Since 06 April 2012, in the event of any infringements, IFCA's have the option to issue a Financial Administrative Penalty (FAP) as an alternative to a criminal prosecution. Cornwall IFCA has produced a guidance document explaining how the Authority will implement this option. Click here to see the Cornwall IFCA FAP Guidance Document.

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