Shellfish Permit

The Cornwall IFCA shellfish permit is only available to owners of registered and licensed vessels. 

Without a permit you are not allowed to remove more than a maximum of five shellfish per day from the species of lobster, crawfish, edible crab and spider crab, with no more than two of these five being from the lobster and crawfish species combined.

As recreational vessels are not eligible for a Cornwall IFCA shellfish permit, each vessel is limited to five shellfish per day, as described above. 

Lobster, Crawfish and Crab Fishing Permit byelaw

Permits are free. To apply you will need to complete ashellfish permit application form and provide a copy of your Certificate of Registry. We will seek confirmation from the Marine Management Organisation that your boat has an appropriate fishing vessel licence.

Cornwall IFCA shellfish permit holders are required to make monthly returns using the Cornwall IFCA Shellfish Monthly Statistical Returns Form ,  detailing the gear used and shellfish removed from the fishery (this includes months when no fishing takes place). We accept returns in the following ways:

  • by post (or hand delivery)
  • via the MMO "post boxes" at some ports and harbours
  • by e-mail 
  • through a third party application, the iCatch app

People wishing to fish for crabs, lobsters and crawfish in the Cornwall IFCA district must abide by all minimum sizes. To help with this Cornwall IFCA can provide a stainless steel shellfish measuring gauge, this is free when you first aplly for a permit, or at a cost of £10.00 each plus postage. 

To find out more about fishing for shellfish in our district please refer to the Potting or Netting sections of this website, or contact us for any further information and advice. 

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