Ex-Devon Sea Fisheries Committee byelaws

Ex-Devon sea fisheries commitee byelaws

(Application, Scallops – methods of fishing; Shellfish – escallop; Shellfish – re-deposit of; Temporary closure of shellfish beds; Winkles; Crabs; Definition of trawling; Size of vessels; Parts of edible crab; Pots used for fishing for Crustacea; Protection of v-notched lobsters; Protection of undersize and berried lobsters)

Cornwall IFCA Regulatory Orders

Fal Fishery order

EU and National legislation

The Marine Management Organisation’s Blue Book is a consolidated version of UK and EU fisheries legislation. The Marine Management Organisation maintains the legislation in the Blue Book but cannot guarantee that it is up to date at all times.

Click here to see the Blue Book.

We do not enforce all of the legislation detailed in the Blue Book. The majority of legislation applicable to Cornwall IFCA District and enforced by Cornwall IFCA can be found in Section E.

If you are unsure of any legislation that may affect you please Contact Us or the MMO immediately.

Bass Regulations

Click here to see information on bass regulations.

Codes of Practice

When issues arise in fisheries within the Cornwall IFCA District, the Authoritiy's officers will initially try to find non legislative ways of resolving these issues.

Officers work closely with fishermen and other organisations to set out workable codes of good practice (COP's). COP's, when followed, can address the issues that have arisen in a fishery without the Authority having to introduce a byelaw. However, should any COP prove to be insufficient to resolve any problems, the Authority will seek to introduce a byelaw.

Click here to see the Code of Practice for the Incidental Capture of Cetaceans.
Click here to see the Code of Practice for Net Fishing in St Ives Bay.
Click here to see the Code of Practice for Net Fishing in the Falmouth Bay to St Austell Bay pSPA
Click here to see the Code of Practice for Winkle Fishing.

External Codes of Practice

These COP are not created or enforced by Cornwall IFCA and are here for infomation only.

Click here to view the Angling Trust Voluntary Bait Collecting Code of Conduct

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