March 2020: Coronavirus update

Posted on 27th March 2020

Special measures to be taken during the Coronavirus pandemic situation

During the current exceptional circumstances, Cornwall IFCA has had to change the way it would normally operate, as follows:


The Cornwall IFCA office in Hayle is closed to the public, meaning that any communications are best made via telephone 07794 360221 or email  Postal deliveries are being re-directed, so whilst they will be received, they may not be read by an appropriate officer for several days after posting.

Shellfish permits
If you need to apply for a 2020 shellfish permit to fish commercially for crabs, lobsters or crawfish in the Cornwall IFCA district, where you require to take more than five shellfish per day (or more than two from the species of lobster and crawfish), the following options are available to you:
  • From the Cornwall IFCA website, download an application form which can be found in the publications secton. Complete the form, remembering to sign/date it, and send it to the Cornwall IFCA office address.  You may post the paper copy or, alternatively, you may scan or take a digital photograph of the completed form and attach it to an email sent to . 
  • Request an application form from Cornwall IFCA, via phone, letter or email.  An application form will be posted out to you, for you to complete and submit to Cornwall IFCA in any of the ways explained above.
When you send in your completed shellfish permit application form, please help us by also sending in copies of the Certificate of Registry (both sides) and the Fishing Licence for the appropriate fishing vessel, together with your application.
Shellfish permit monthly returns

It remains a statutory requirement for shellfish permit holders to send in the monthly shellfish fishing statistics, including any nil returns. Please post paper returns forms to the Cornwall IFCA office, or email completed electronic returns forms to

Cornwall IFCA will be reducing its text reminders to make the monthly statistics return, down to a single text message per month. This will be received by all permit holders who have agreed to receive text communications from Cornwall IFCA.  Chase-up letters for permit holders who forget to send in a return may not be sent out but, in due course, Cornwall IFCA will be expecting a full set of returns to be made for the whole time period of the permit.  Once the current crisis is over, officers will follow up on any missing returns.

 Fal oyster and mussel licence holders
Whilst the Fal oyster and mussel fishing season is coming to an end, if you have been licensed by Cornwall IFCA to fish for these species, you must continue to complete the monthly fishing statistics returns.  Please post paper returns forms to the Cornwall IFCA office or email completed electronic returns forms to .
Good luck and stay well.

Please click here for some information relating to welfare support for fishermen.
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