October 2017: Fisherman fined for failing to declare catch

Posted on 18th October 2017

On Wednesday 18 October 2017, at Truro Magistrates Court, Cornwall IFCA successfully prosecuted Mr Samuel Jago (50) of Market Street, Kingsand near Torpoint, the master and owner of the fishing vessel Bosloe (PH122) for failing to meet the conditions of a fishing permit, issued under a Cornwall IFCA byelaw.
Mr Jago had not submitted any monthly statistical returns for four months, despite concerted attempts by Cornwall IFCA to resolve the situation.  Mr Jago pleaded guilty to four offences of failing to send in his figures, which resulted in Magistrates handing down a fine of £1700, a costs award to Cornwall IFCA of £2500 and a victim surcharge of £170.
Crab and lobster fisheries off the coast of Cornwall are vitally important and must be carefully managed by Cornwall IFCA.  Part of this management involves a requirement for fishermen to submit monthly forms detailing their fishing effort (how much they fished) and details of what they caught.  This information is vital for Cornwall IFCA to effectively monitor shellfish fisheries and will play an important part of the management of these fisheries.
Cornwall IFCA makes every effort to work with its permit holders and help them to send in their returns on time.  Text message reminders to fishermen and allowing electronic methods to complete and send in returns have recently been introduced to make it easier for fishermen.   
The costs of chasing late returns are significant and court proceedings against a permit holder are the final option when they persistently refuse to provide the necessary important information.
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