October 2017: New national legislation to protect berried lobsters

The UK government has changed the law regarding the landing of berried lobsters and crawfish in England. 

From 1 October 2017 UK registered vessels must not fish for berried lobsters (Homarus gammarus) or crawfish (Palinurus elephas and Palinurus mauritanicus) from within English waters.

UK registered vessels must not land berried lobsters or crawfish into an English port regardless of where caught.

Any berried lobsters or crawfish which are brought on board a vessel within English waters should be returned to the sea immediately.

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Please note it is already an offence to remove a berried lobster or crawfish from the fishery inside the Cornwall IFCA district. This new legislation extends similar protection to all English waters. 

Cornwall IFCA Berried Lobster and Crawfish byelaw.

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