Officers of Cornwall IFCA annually review the risks of all types of fishing against conservation objectives and the protection of the general marine environment within the Authority's District. From the review, a Risk Based Enforcement plan is produced which sets out our enforcement targets for the following year.

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Although the plan identifies those activities which require greater monitoring, we aim to inspect the full range of fisheries activity around Cornwall.

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Since 06 April 2012,  in the event of any infringements, IFCA's have the option to issue a Financial Administrative Penalty (FAP) as an alternative to a criminal prosecution. Cornwall IFCA has produced a guidance document explaining how the Authority will implement this option.

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There are 11 Inshore Fisheries & Conservation Officers (IFCO's). The Authority has issued IFCO warrants to officers of the Environment Agency (EA) enabling them to carry out the same enforcement functions as our own officers.

Our patrol boat 'Saint Piran' carries out regular patrols along both coasts. During the patrols, 'Saint Piran's' daughter vessel 'Lyonesse' is used to allow officers to carry out the inspections of vessels engaged in fishing. Additionally, Cornwall IFCA operates a trailered RIB that can be towed to any launching site in Cornwall.


Cornwall IFCA officer boarding a fishing vessel from the RIB Lyonesse

Cornwall IFCA officer boarding a fishing vessel from the RIB Lyonesse
Cornwall IFCA officer boarding a fishing vessel from the RIB Lyonesse

The images above show officers carrying inspections at sea, click on each of the images to see a larger version.

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To complement the inspections carried out at sea, officers carry out regular patrols around the coast, visiting ports, harbours and other places where fish are landed and sites where shore gathering or angling take place.

There may be occasions when our officers may be seen wearing small, body worn cameras to record inspections.

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Cornwall IFCA has set out a Code of Conduct for officers carrying out inspections, the Code also explains the obligations of people being inspected.

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