Cornwall IFCA Byelaws

Cornwall IFCA byelaws
The Manacles Marine Conservation Zone (Fishing Restrictions) Byelaw 2017
Closed area (European Marine Sites) No.2
Lobster, Crawfish and Crab Fishing Permit Byelaw 2016 

Ex-Cornwall Sea Fisheries Committee byelaws
Berried lobsters & crawfish
Mesh of nets in parts of district
Methods of fishing (dredges) byelaw
Parts of crab
Parts of escallops byelaw
Protection of v-notched lobsters 
Purse seine and ring nets
Scallop dredge (limited fishing time) byelaw
Shellfish boats
Specified fish sizes (as amended)
Spider crabs
St Ives bay gill net fishery
Trawling in parts of district

Ex-Environment Agency byelaws
Byelaw for the regulation of scallop dredging in the Fal and Helford European Marine Site Cornwall
Sea fishery (shellfish) byelaws relating to oysters

Byelaws for the regulation of cockle harvesting in the Cornish estuaries
SW1 Prohibition of nets (applied in the River Camel and River Fowey)

Sections of the following byelaws are no longer in force. Please contact Cornwall IFCA for more information or for clarification. 
Camel fishery district
Fowey fishery district

Ex-Devon sea fisheries commitee byelaws 
(Application, Scallops – methods of fishing; Restrictions of trawling in estuaries; Shellfish – escallop; Shellfish – re-deposit of; Temporary closure of shellfish beds; Winkles; Crabs; Definition of trawling; Fixed engines; Size of vessels; Byelaw prohibiting netting in Tamar, Plym and Yealm; Parts of edible crab; Pots used for fishing for Crustacea; Protection of v-notched lobsters; Protection of undersize and berried lobsters)

Cornwall IFCA replaced the old Cornwall Sea Fisheries Committee. This change extended the district into the Tamar and to include Cornwall’s rivers and estuaries within tidal limits.

Click here to see the chart of the new Cornwall IFCA District.

As the District of Cornwall IFCA has extended into parts which were under the jurisdiction of Devon Sea Fisheries Committee and the Environment Agency, Cornwall IFCA has adopted the byelaws which are relevant in those areas.
The byelaw book will be updated regularly but please check the News page of our site for any new byelaws or restrictions. We endeavour to be as up to date as possible but please Contact Us for current information. 

A review of all byelaws, including the legacy byelaws which currently apply within the CIFCA District, is underway to ensure that all byelaws are relevant and harmonised wherever practicable.  This process may lead to some byelaws being amended or revoked.

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EU and National legislation

The Marine Management Organisation’s Blue Book is a consolidated version of UK and EU fisheries legislation. The Marine Management Organisation maintains the legislation in the Blue Book but cannot guarantee that it is up to date at all times.

Click here to see the Blue Book.

We do not enforce all of the legislation detailed in the Blue Book. The majority of legislation applicable to Cornwall IFCA District and enforced by Cornwall IFCA can be found in Section E.

If you are unsure of any legislation that may affect you please Contact Us or the MMO immediately. 

Bass Regulations

Click here to see information on new bass regulations.  

Fishing for bass from a boat and using sand eels for bait from a boat in the major rivers and estuaries in the Cornwall IFCA district is regulated by Defra under The Bass (Specified Areas)(Prohibition of Fishing) Order 1990 (no.1156)  as amended by The Bass (Specified Areas)(Prohibition of Fishing)(Variation) Order 1999 (no.75)
Both MMO and Cornwall IFCA officers are empowered to enforce these Orders.  For guidance on the application of the Orders, please view the Bass Nursery Area information sheet.
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